ELD with Garmin

Make compliance real simple

When you combine an easy to use digital logbook with a dependable Garmin tablet, you get a solution that is ready for the road ahead.

Next-gen technology

We designed our software around the users who will be relying on the solution every day. That meant creating a dependable and simple ELD built from the ground up with the latest tech to maximize long term usability.

Automatic solution

To ensure your data is always captured, our system uses an always on transponder that records all of the vehicle's movements, even if the Garmin tablet is not connected or even in the vehicle.

Wired connection

We don't rely on Bluetooth for syncing to the engine computer, the Garmin tablet is connected to the transponder with a cable for power and data. No pairing or setup is required, no more dropped connections.

Plug and play

Get up and running quickly without an expensive professional installation. One cable to your diagnostic port provides power and data to the transponder, no splicing required.

Online logbook

Your drivers need access to their logs when they are not in the cab. Our driver focused website allows you to make edits, download and print your logbook anytime from anywhere.